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Abstract artwork

Stay where there is Laughter and good music. Stay where there is Real conversation and community. Stay where there is Truth and understanding. Stay where you FEEL FREE and ALIVE. I made this artwork on Adobe illustrator, using the twirl tool. So what is the twirl tool? "Twirl Tool" is useful for creating curves and ornate shapes from a shape that was originally quite simple. Every time you click, a new anchor point is created on your shape. You can manipulate these points that form a blue path in a different way later on. You can keep using the twirl effect even within the object. Here first I made 3 rectangles and then applied the twirl tool to give an abstract look.


Tejal Prakash Firodiya


It's Tejal here. I am a design student. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in UIUX designing. I like painting, travelling, singing and cooking.

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