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Covid 19 case before court of earth

Boshi Kaviya30 Apr, 2020

Fight between human rights and Animal rights is always going one #presenty we are paying for destruction created by (human)us #corona represent nature to show how is nature living peacefully without us. How, we still care of non-living being rather than saving same species who are starving to death #dayone #journeyoflifeentrepentre #lifeisfullofrepurcussions #noregrets #nofilter #hardrealitybehind #7daychallenge #drawing #topic #contest #covid19 Things used: Pencil, oil pastels , black pen and A3 sheet Time for selecting idea: 1hour Time for complete the drawing: 6 hours approximately Idea created: its small war between human and virus where we need to stay home ignoring all of your entertainment but focus on work and daily habits to lead healthy life.


covid 19





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