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Eastern Calligraphy

This is the type of Eastern Calligraphy (arebic alphabets). Here I used 3.4mm Nib and Parker's ink. which kufic is this? (pseudo arebic kufic) Pseudo-Arabic, is a style of decoration used during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, consisting of imitations of the Arabic Kufic script, or sometimes Arabic cursive script, made in a non-Arabic context: "Imitations of Arabic in European art are often described as pseudo-Kufic, borrowing the term for an Arabic script that emphasizes straight and angular strokes, and is most commonly used in Islamic architectural decoration". Pseudo-Kufic appears especially often in Renaissance art in depictions of people from the Holy Land, particularly the Virgin Mary.

Eastern kufi

Tejal Prakash Firodiya


It's Tejal here. I am a design student. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in UIUX designing. I like painting, travelling, singing and cooking.

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