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Geometric symmetry pattern

I made this flower wallpaper symmetry pattern in a triangular form, which is the type of geometric painting. I made this digitally, using Adobe illustrator. I used the colours green and red, which are complementary to each other. Which look good. This is a p4m wallpaper symmetry pattern. What is p4m symmetry? - Asymmetry type characterized by 90° (quarter-turn) rotations with centers on reflection axes, as in a kaleidoscope produced by three mirrors, two of which intersect at 90° and two at 45°. Produces "Quarter-turns & mirrors" patterns (p4m patterns).

p4m symmetr

Tejal Prakash Firodiya


It's Tejal here. I am a design student. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in UIUX designing. I like painting, travelling, singing and cooking.

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