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Lord Shiva

The artwork is basically a sketch of lord Shiva. It is showing half trident and half face of lord Shiva. This sketch depicts that Lord Shiva and his trident has a very deep connection with each other. There are various types of pencils used in the sketch like "H, HB, 2B, & 4B" to make it look like a real one.

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The Artist
Varun Chowhan

@ Varun019

I am a gym freak that's why I've scrolled millions of miles with my thumbs.

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Whenever we see lord Shiva the essence of truth comes out from within this sketch make me feel the same. The detailing and sketching are phenomenal.
#lord shiva #webow

lord shiva is the supreme power in the universe, this sketch truly portraits that even with one eye he can control the entire universe.
#lordshiva #supremepower.

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