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Safe Women safe world

Every single day single women, young girls, mothers and women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The streets, public transport, public spaces in particular have become the territory of the hunters. While the ones already hunted down weep in silence or in disdain, the rest fight their way to a basic life with dignity. There is an unspoken war on the streets. Young school and college going girls use books to shield themselves, other women wear full-covered attire to protect their bodies, and others avoid the mere glance of the roving gaze. It is an accepted fact that brutal crimes against women are occurring in India daily. Now many Indians do not deny, or shy away from conversations relating to eve-teasing, sexual assaults or rape. Even the common man's conversation on the streets often steer towards the escalated and horrendous attacks on women. An overbearing concern each of us has towards the women in our families has lent a sense of urgency to our dialogue on the critical and pressing issue of women's safety. I made this painting using acrylic colours. Also, I made this in abstract form just for showing emotions or pain of a woman.


Tejal Prakash Firodiya


It's Tejal here. I am a design student. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in UIUX designing. I like painting, travelling, singing and cooking.

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