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Word as an Image

This is digital art as "Word as an Image". Here, I made Mahakaleshwar temple, in which I wrote Avantika again and again. Because, this mahakaleshwar is from Ujjain, and Ujjain's first name was Avanti. So, it represents Ujjain and Mahakal in the same painting. Mahakaleshwar Temple, located in the ancient city of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh, continues to be one of the most sacred and outstanding places of pilgrimage for Hindus to date. The abode of Lord Shiva, it is on the banks of the Rudra Sagar Lake and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

Adobe Photoshop

Tejal Prakash Firodiya


It's Tejal here. I am a design student. I am pursuing my bachelor degree in UIUX designing. I like painting, travelling, singing and cooking.

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