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Pranjali mishra16 Jul, 2020

In this varying degrees of this varying atmospheric this huge pandemic crisis......we have lost in a world worth to make our dear planet earth 🌏 worth living we should all come a step forward and towards our Mother Earth and play a massive role towards NATURE .which includes many criteria’s like....planting trees...saving trees....maintaining the climatic conditions by reducing every type of leading a helping hand towards adopting a preserving our natural preserving our reducing the hike of temperatures so that it prevents conditions like forest 🔥 fire maintaining the ecosystem.....SO LETS ALL STAND TOGETHER AND HAVE A PLEDGE TO PRESERVE OUR NATURE AND OUR LOVING MOTHER EARTH.

Preserve nature

Help saving our Mother Earth

maintain your ecosystem.

Pranjali mishra


I am a passionate artist who loves art,dance and maths💕 Maths doesn’t match but who cares☺️Love to travel and explore new places ✈️

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