What is thesocialcomment ?

It is a next generation E- Performance (EPF) Platform, creating a community of competitive individuals, focused on Collaborative learning with exciting opportunities for earning.

Who is the platform for ?

thesocialcomment is for Students and Competitive individuals in the schools & colleges. A social network for the Students by the Students.

Is it only for the individual students ?

No, it is an open social network which is open for all competitive individuals such as Bloggers, Creators, Writers, and Vloggers. Please ask your school/college to contact us. We will visit and deploy to your school.

What is thesocialcomment generally used for ?
  • The platform helps students collaborate with larger student (from across schools and colleges) and professional / corporate members to share on their topics of interest as well read and learn from other’s contributions.
  • Users can share all sorts of digital content (e.g. Blogs, Articles, Current Projects, Skill, Artistic work etc.) on the platform.
  • User has increased potential for his/her personal growth, can receive feedback on their work from a larger community, build network with other users, and post Blogs, Articles, Skill, and Artistic work etc. on the platform in a very interactive manner.
  • User can create their virtual portfolios. Also can apply for internships across corporates and organizations.
How can any user use the platform ?

“thesocialcomment” is a web based platform, wherein any person can register online, invite their friends and batch-mates. It can be accessed through any web browser via a Laptop, Desktop or even mobile phone. Each user is provided separate Login credentials, using which one can login and access the platform.

Who are the major users of thesocialcomment ?

The product is for Students and Competitive individuals.

Does thesocialcomment offer introductory guides, tutorials and or customer support ?

Yes. We try to give users the best experience through our tutorial and we try to guide our users to work on the platform seamlessly.