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Terrace Farming Robot


Terrace Farming is the practice of cutting hills and mountain slopes to form terraces and the land is used in the same way as in permanent agricultural. Due to the limited availability of flat land, terraces are made to provide a small patch of level land. To solve the problem faced in the terrace farming, an efficient robot is designed.


The robot is made to help the farmers in terrace farming to perform variously agricultural activities which require an extensive investment of time and work by farmers and also solve the issue of farmers of not being able to use any heavy machine or animal power in farming due to the nature of terrace farming which is in the forms of series of steps and the steps do not have enough width to allow any animal or machine to use on them. It is a great help to farmers, improving their efficiency and saving them a lot of time and work. The robot is designed keeping in mind the various activities that are performed on the field.

  • Kasina Jyothi Swaroop, Srajan Gupta , Harshit Jain,Samrat Varun,Eric John DungDung, I Sai Amit,Hritik Agarwal


Kasina Jyothi Swaroop


I am Jyothi Swaroop a sophomore at IIT ISM Dhanbad. Robotics and AI enthusiast. Currently working on Machine learning and Deep Learning

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