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Making of the Joker sketch

Varun Chouhan17 Feb, 2020

This video will show you how to make a joker Sketch look like real one with certain tips and steps. Note: Steps are to followed according to the video. Step 1 - First take the pencil no. 4H then draw an outline of the sketch. Step 2 - Then take pencil HB and darken the outlines of the sketch. Step 3 - After that, take pencil no. 6B and highlight the dark areas of the sketch. Step 4 - Now use pencil no. 8B & 10B to make the dark area look more darker for a perfect. Step 5 - Then start shading with the pencil 6H (For light shading) & HB (For dark shading). Done!! Video Credits :- Varun Chouhan

#sketch #art #pencilart #joker

Varun Chouhan


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