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Trapped Emotions

Ritwik14 Jul, 2020

This video is on portrait photography. I have divided this video into four different parts first part basically talks about the style of virtual photographie then the second part chauk bavdi tips and tricks used in portrait photography then I have chose my personal experience in a portrait photography and and the last I have given a detailed description about the importance of the portrait photography.









Wildlife photography 💙


I saw your video and I would like to recommend some tips you can follow-

1. Please use the same font throughout the video.
2. Never use bold fonts whenever you are presenting through writing.
3. Whenever you create any explainer video, use short paragraph in each slide.
4. Always use sentence case font while explaining.
5. At least give 10 points or 5 slides for the introduction.
6. You need to work more on your videography skills.

Thank you so much for your advice. Will surely follow them.

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