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Both landing on the moon and landing on a great career require a strong commitment and great effort. As the spaceship is the most important tool for completing the moon ride, we may be one of the most important tools for completing your career ride.


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We build technologies that help students connect with recruiters, develop professionalism, and help them to grow in career.

Our Achievements

Nominations and Winnings

  • Change-Makers Seed Grant 2021 Winner: thesocialcomment

We triumphed.

We are delighted to announce that we are the winners of the USA Change-Maker Seed Grant 2021 by @startup.xs and organised by Plihantrophia Inc.. Out of 1232 applications from 75 different countries, thesocialcomment team from India has won the competition. From dreaming to living a dream!

  • Nominated by India 500 Startup awards as a most promising IT startup.

Our company was nominated as a most promising technology startup by India 500 Startup Awards for quality of excellence. Benchmark trust organized the event, which included Media partner CNBC Awaaz, Supporting partner Bombay stock exchange, and Knowledge partner TQV.

  • Nailed under Asia top 500 startups by Innoprenuers.

We are one of the top 500 startups in the South Asia. On the occasion of its sixth edition, we were a part of India's most happening startup on contest in South Asia. We were recognized one of the top 500 startups in South Asia. Whereas main partners were German corporation discover dollar portescap and it was an initiative taken by lemon ideas.

Recognized and Supported by

Our startup has been recognised by various government authorities of India such as Start-Up India, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and we are active member of i-Start Rajasthan. Also we are selected as a member of AWS Ed Tech Accelerator.